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The supply chain is fragmented.

We're changing that.

Scheduling Standards Consortium

The Scheduling Standards Consortium (SSC) was formed to simplify the integration of systems across the fragmented ecosystem between shippers, carriers and intermediaries and create a more efficient appointment scheduling process.

We have published our initial scheduling requirements and are working on developing the API specification to be released later this year.

Together, we can move faster and have a greater impact in driving real change and adoption in the industry.

Let's Drive Efficiency

By clicking Tell Me More, you are giving the Scheduling Standards Consortium your express consent to be contacted via the email address you provided regarding developments in freight appointment scheduling standards and how you can participate. You are also acknowledging the Scheduling Standards Consortium's Privacy Notice. Additionally, California residents should see the Scheduling Standards Consortium's California Privacy Notice.

Collaboration for the Industry

Scheduling has been a pervasive problem for the supply chain, but it’s a problem we know can be solved with mutual commitment from industry leaders. With the formation of the SSC, we believe we have the right people leading the way. Will you join us? 

2023 Timeline


The technical/product groups have aligned on the following milestones.


SSC collects feedback on high-level System Interaction Model 


SSC publishes high-level System Interaction Model

Late Q2

SSC Collaborators provide feedback on the official Technical Standard 


SSC refines the Technical Standard  


SSC publishes official Technical Standard

*These dates may shift slightly.

SSC Badge System 

We've introduced a new badge system that recognizes SSC members who are driving innovation and efficiency in the freight industry. The Innovator and Early Adopter Badges distinguish industry participants who are actively contributing to the development and adoption of scheduling API standards

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The supply chain is fragmented.
We're changing that.

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